So here we go again. are you nervous Of course we can’t screw it up. Can we?

That was the subject of commentary for the second day in Nottingham. Will Joe Root get a double century? Can Mark Wood make it to 50? Will Joss Butler go into double digits? Will I stop asking those damn annoying questions that no one knows the answers to?

Personally, I’m really looking forward to this day. Even though we capitulated and got knocked down 300, we still had a healthy 240 lead. I still can’t believe what happened yesterday.

I expect Australia to put up a tough fight in the opening round. If we can pull through, I hope their bowlers will tire and our batsmen will build up an insurmountable lead.

Then again, this series is so unpredictable, maybe we shouldn’t rush it. I almost expected a tornado to pop up and blow away the rest of the game.

After yesterday, it seemed the Australians deserved some good luck. or is it? No they don’t. sod her

By x59ok

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